New coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as a pandemic disaster, has drawn the attention of researchers in various fields to discover suitable therapeutic approaches for the management of COVID-19 patients. Currently, there are many worries about the rapid spread of COVID-19; there is no approved treatment for this infectious disease, despite many efforts to develop therapeutic procedures for COVID-19. Emerging evidence shows that mesenchymal stromal/stem cell (MSC) therapy can be a suitable option for the management of COVID-19. These cells have many biological features (including the potential of differentiation, high safety and effectiveness, secretion of trophic factors and immunoregulatory features) that make them suitable for the treatment of various diseases. However, some studies have questioned the positive role of MSC therapy in the treatment of COVID-19. Accordingly, in this paper, we will focus on the therapeutic impacts of MSCs and their critical role in cytokine storm of COVID-19 patients.

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Multi-level inhibition of coronavirus replication by chemical ER stress


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