Our understanding of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 has evolved since the first reported cases in December 2019, and a greater emphasis has been placed on the hyper-inflammatory response in severely ill patients. The purpose of this study was to determine risk factors for mortality and the impact of anti-inflammatory therapies on survival.

Iglesias JI, Vassallo AV, Sullivan JB, Elbaga Y, Patel VV, Patel N, Ayad L, Benson P, Pittiglio M, Gobran E, Clark A, Khan W, Damalas K, Mohan R, Singh SP. Retrospective analysis of anti-inflammatory therapies during the first wave of COVID-19 at a community hospital. World J Crit Care Med 2021; 10(5): 244-259 [PMID: 34616660 DOI: 10.5492/wjccm.v10.i5.244]

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COVID-19 and low-dose radiation therapy


Immunogenic amino acid motifs and linear epitopes of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines