COVID-19 is characterized by vascular inflammation and thrombosis, including elevations in P-selectin, a mediator of inflammation released by endothelial cells. We tested the effect of P-selectin inhibition on biomarkers of thrombosis and inflammation in patients with COVID-19. Hospitalized patients with moderate COVID-19 were randomly assigned to receive either placebo or crizanlizumab, a P-selectin inhibitor, in a double-blind fashion. Crizanlizumab reduced P-selectin levels by 89%. Crizanlizumab increased D-dimer levels by 77% and decreased prothrombin fragment. There were no significant differences between crizanlizumab and placebo for clinical endpoints. Crizanlizumab was well tolerated. Crizanlizumab may induce thrombolysis in the setting of COVID-19. (Crizanlizumab for Treating COVID-19 Vasculopathy [CRITICAL]; NCT04435184)

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